How To Know The Path To Success

The first thing about the path to success is to think positively or have a positive mind or to be optimist in nature. Whatever your ambition or your goal in life may be, if you have the will and have the positive desire to achieve your goal, then surely you will get it whatever hindrance or obstacle you have. The first thing one should have an ambition; it may be in different line such as to be a doctor, engineer, politician, scientist, actor, or any other stream.

Career: A foremost Step

Having choosing the career according to your ambition, which is the first step you should take the advices of the elders, such as the parents and teachers, who are capable of giving you correct guidance. This is the period one has to be very careful in making the correct choice in building the career and making it the path to success.

If the ambition is strong, then the person will always have a way to succeed in life. At the same time you have to think about the expenditure that you have to spend in the study course or the expenditure you have to go through in the way to success. Some are financially sound. They do not have any financial problem to achieve the goal for the ultimate success, whereas some are not financially sound to fulfill their ambition and to be successful in their path of life. Financially weak persons can take the help of financial institutions, which are ready to give study loan to student in a very low rate of interest, to achieve their ambition towards the path of success.

Prerequisites for being successful-

Having selected the correct path or the aim according to your aspiration, the next step is to have the confidence in yourself and the determination or the willpower to face so that you can accomplish the aim, whatever setback and obstruction you may face. You should be having consistency or steadiness and introspection. The strength and the weakness of self should be judged correctly by self examination. Impartial self examination is very essential. Once the fair purpose assessment of your true self has been made, you should meticulously give all your energy and ability to progress. The weak points should be given more importance and care should be taken to bring improvement or development in it. It is a crucial step to be sincere or honest and hard work to fetch improvement in the weak points you have. Neglecting the weakness will definitely take you away from your ambition for success.

Career 25 copy

The path to success is not far away for the persons who are hard working and consistence in their effort for success. Distraction of any form will surely be a hindrance in the path to success. You should be very careful so that nothing can distract you from the path to success as you climb the success ladder. Any distraction can make you fall or push you back from the ultimate goal you have to achieve or accomplish.

Reason for hindrance in success:

Many individuals get discouraged and lose interest in whatever they accomplish to achieve success. They do not have patience to carry on till the closing stage for the great achievement in the end. If in the midst, there is a small problem or crises they face or come across, they get dejected and scared to go any further in their life to succeed. People always do not succeed in their first attempt. There are many obstacles in the lives when you aim for success; it is always good to try the best till you achieve the goal you have desired. Life is always not smooth; there are many difficulties to face in the path to success. One has to be optimist instead of being pessimist. A positive mind set will always give a better chance in the path of success. Self confidence is needed for better achievement. However difficult the task may be, one should have the mental strength to do the task trying to give the best. From the very beginning, if you get dejected and scared then the success will surely be far away to gain.

Depression24 copy

Depression is one of the common reasons that make a hindrance in the path of success. Many people get depressed if they lose any of their near or dear one. They get depressed and neglect their goal or the ambition. They get disturbed so much that it become very difficult for them to climb the ladder to go up in the path to success. In the path to success these type of emotional things should not hamper your career, one has to be mentally strong instead of being miserable and slow down in the process of success. One has to be emotionally strong to avoid these types of things that come in the path to success.


How To Handle Job Pressure

Job pressure is a big problem to handle. To handle this pressure you need the skill to deal with the extra work load. Work load can give you stress and anxiety, which can make you sick mentally as well as physically. It is the first thing to have the correct management of your time with the work load so that your work gets over at a proper time instead of making you work continuously for a long time without getting any rest. Sometime the fault lies with you sometimes it is with the job environment, and sometime with the economic condition of the country.job pressure21 copy

Reasons for job pressure

The most common and biggest reason for having job pressure is the fear of being laid off. If the economic condition of the company is poor, where you are working, then the company or the organization may change its policy and keep less staff or workers. This creates an imbalance ratio in the work with the workers. At this period it is better to try for job in different places and different companies; Instead of brooding about the problem it is advisable to be more sincere in the work place. This is the time, when you should take, more care of your physical health. If you are physically fit and sound, then you will feel better mentally. The better you feel mentally, you will be better prepared to manage job pressure without being troubled or disturbed.

Overtime in the workplace, too much work load, expectation more from the boss and more targets to meet can lead to stress, as it is very difficult to handle the job pressure in these situations. Sometime the work pressure is too much without any financial gain makes a person irritable and disinterest for the job. This is the time when many people have sleepless night or insomnia. Some also take the help of alcohol to get relieve from anxiety or stress and get sleep. This is not a good advice as it eventually leads alcohol abuse and people start depending on alcohol completely. Some also go in for smoking. All these habits can lead to many health problems, which can lead to more stress and anxiety in future and make the person addicted to drinking and smoking. Instead it is better to have aerobic exercise. This has an effective way in calming the anxiety or stress you have. This activity leads to sweating and raises the heart rate, which helps you to feel relaxed and you can handle the job pressure calmly in a positive way.Reduce Job pressure22 copy

Preventive tips to avoid job pressure

Make a balanced schedule with the work load and your personal life. Give time for your social life, family life, and time for rest also. Twenty four hours work without rest or recreation can make any person mentally and physically sick or unwell. The time for everything or for all the activities should be adjusted in such a way that there is a balance of time and energy for work, as well as for social obligations. The time should be well adjusted with the work. Time management is very necessary to handle the job pressure at the work place. Very often people do not have the time knowledge, they work assuming that the work will finish in a certain time were as the work takes longer time to get over. This leads to, more work load and unnecessary or pointless time shortage and mismanagement. Always have a correct time table for everything you do. It is better to go to the workplace a little earlier if the workload is more. This can make easier to get time to finish the work before the higher authority can demand. It is better to arrange the timings properly and be swift and active in your daily personal work. The stress level rises high if you are slow and unmindful as it makes more work load giving you pressure in your job. Taking small breaks in between the works in the whole day can make or give little relaxation. This can help you to be fresh both mentally and physically and at the same time help you to be more efficient in you work without being stressed due to the work pressure.

Do the work according to the priority of the work. The important tasks should be done before the schedule time. Task management is also important. If the task can be done collectively, it is better to share and complete the work. Working collectively with others helps to maintain good relationship with the other staffs. Having good communication with the colleague is also good quality and this helps to make the work pressure less in one individual.

No one is perfect. It is always wise to have job satisfaction. If you try to be perfect and expect who are working with you to be completely perfect will ultimately give you job pressure, making you stressful. To expect perfection on everything will surely bring unnecessary anxiety and stress. It is better to give your best effort in the task given to you and bring the work pressure down.

Think positively, in your life, whether it is in your personal life or in your professional life. Even if the work is very demanding, have confidence in yourself and be calm in the stressful conditions. Humor can also bring down stress level. A friendly atmosphere in the workplace reduces the job pressure by having a mutual understanding with the other staffs. By this way you can handle your job pressure without stress and anxiety. Have a balanced and healthy diet with a discipline and active live, which will surely keep you physically, in good shape and help you to handle job pressure in a correct way.

Cancer And How It Forms In Our Body

Cancer is a disease when the cells in the body grow abnormally instead of growing in a methodically or systematically. The growth of the body cells grows out of control, even a single cell escapes the normal genetic way and grows rapidly or swiftly, dividing into more abnormal cells, spreading throughout the body and destroying the other cells. If there is abnormal cell growth in the body it can destroy the healthy cells and can invade or attack the other parts of the body very rapidly. In other words cancer is the abnormal way of the cell growth that grows very fast destroying the other healthy cells in the body. It is a malignant disease that gradually harms the body and destroys it completely.

Formation of Cancer In Body-

Our body is made of many living cells. These cells grow, divide themselves, and die in a systematically way. The fetus in the mother’s womb, when it is in the form of cell, it divides and grows methodically and comes out to the world as a normal healthy infant. The infant grows up and becomes an adult, all these while the cells in the body grows normally and divide in a healthy way. As soon as the child becomes adult, the growth of the cells reduces. At this time the cells grows or divides only to replace the worn out cells or to repair any injury. However the cancerous cell grows and multiplies in an abnormal or unusual way destroying the healthy cells in the body.

Impacts of Cancer in DNA-

A cancer cell originates from normal or usual cells when their DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) within the cell is damaged or spoiled. DNA is present in every cell, directing the action, development, and demise of the cell. When the DNA is spoiled or damaged in a normal cell, the cell either repairs the cell or destroys the cell. If there is a cancerous cell in the body, then the spoiled or damaged DNA is not repaired, and the cell is not destroyed. On the other hand, instead of the cell being destroyed it produces more abnormal cells with abnormal DNA. Thus the new abnormal cells have defective DNA of the original cancer cells. It is believed that the damaged or spoiled DNA is inherited from parents or sometimes it is impulsive or a spontaneous problem that happens to anyone in the life time.

Cancer affetcted dna18 copy

Different forms of Cancer and its cause-

Cancer can form or can develop from any cell of the body. There are different types of cancer, which can develop in any organ or any part of the body. A tumor is the beginning or the initial stage of cancer. When cells do not die, as they should, instead new cells form when the body does not need the cells, these cells form a mass of tissue called tumor. Some tumors are non cancerous growth known as benign tumors, where as some are cancerous or malignant tumors. It is not easy to know if the tumor is malignant in the beginning or in the first stage. A malignant tumor spreads to other parts or organs of the body. The spread of cancer to other parts of the body is known as metastasis. Some cancers do not form tumors as the leukemia. It is the cancer of bone marrow and blood.

Lukemia19 copy

 There are different types of cancers in different parts of our body. They can be grouped in different categories. Cancer that starts from the tissues that covers the internal organs is known as carcinomas. Cancers that starts or begins in the bones, cartilage, blood vessels, muscle, in supportive or other connective tissues are known as sarcoma. Cancer that begins in the cells of the immune systems is known as lymphoma and myeloma. Leukemia is the cancer that begins in the blood forming tissues as the bone marrow. It creates a large amount of abnormal cells that enters the blood.

There are many different causes of why people have cancer. It may be genetic or constitutional characteristic of an individual, diet, and environment. One of the main causes of cancer is the life style of the people. Smoking, drinking alcohol, having high fat diet, working with toxic chemicals can cause cancer. Exposure to excessive amounts of ultraviolet A and B radiation from sunlight has a risk of skin cancer. Certain viral infection or viral disease may lead to have a risk of cancer. If cancer can be detected in the early stage or in the first stage, it can be treated properly and cured.

How To Prevent Old Age Health Problems

Many older people have mental strength; they can lead a normal life and take care of themselves. However it is very natural for elderly people to become physically weak due to degeneration process in the advanced age. For this reason many elderly people either men or women become mentally weak when they experience physical weakness. They cannot take care of themselves and depend on the younger generation or their own children who are young.

Different Problems During Old Age-

Lack of caretaker is a big problem today. Everyone is not a caretaker. No one wants to live along with old people, who are ill and weak physically and at the same time it is difficult to deal with physical and emotional problems that the elderly people have. Compared to the past generation people are more fortunate these days, they live longer and healthier due to the advanced technology of medical science and medicine. At the same time, there are many unfortunate elderly people, though they have longevity, they are financially poor, may not be having a good health and do not have a caretaker.

olad age h13 copy

 They should have regular health checkup by a good physician such as cardiac, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood urea. This can keep the old people healthy without facing any serious health problems.

It is very difficult and depressing at the same time to take care of old people. No one can tolerate to see the sufferings of the older people and it is not easy, watching someone die. A person who is a caretaker of elderly people should be mentally strong and have patience to deal with all the problems they may face while caring for the elders.

There are many types of physical change in elderly people such as the vision, hearing, skin, renal function, bones degeneration, nerve problem, forgetfulness, and many other things for which they become psychologically weak. A care taker should keep in mind all these problems while attending an elderly person.

Effect of Old Age On Eyes, Skin, And Kidney-

Elderly person have poor vision. Some have cataract and glaucoma in their eyes. Care should be taken of their eyes by consulting an eye specialist. The eye should be tested and given glasses to use accordingly. If operation is needed for cataract then it should be done before they can lose their vision completely.

As the older generation cannot hear properly it is better to talk with them in a louder voice and deal with them patiently. If necessary, hearing aid should be given.

Skin of the old people becomes very delicate and loose. Regular body oil massaging is required. If the person is bed ridden, more care should be taken, as there is a chance of developing bed sores. They should be kept cleanly in a hygienic way.

Renal problem means the kidneys are not functioning properly. A person may be having a healthy kidney in the young age but all of a sudden in the old age they may have renal problem or kidney problem. This may be due to diabetes. Plenty of liquid diet should be given along with other diet. A doctor should attend if any abnormal sequence arises.

Impact of Old Age on Bones And Nervous System-

Bones degeneration problem is very common in elderly people. Aging causes brittleness in the bones due to calcium deficiency. Care should be taken properly so that, they do not fall while moving or walking on their own. A simple fall may cause fracture in legs or hands. At this age it is very difficult for the bones to repair. Ladies are more prone to calcium deficiency and have more chance of bone fracture. Many old people also suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. They become immobile. The caretaker should have patients to lift them and move them when needed.

Nerve weakness or nerve problem is also a major problem in old age. With aging the nerve becomes weaker for which there is a problem in the movement of hands and legs. The sense organs are also affected. This is because of the decreased blood flow to the nerve endings, to the spinal cord or brain. They get tired soon. The care taker should be kind and patient while taking care of these people.

old age13 copy

Many elderly couple becomes lonely due to the separation of their partners. It is the truth that everyone will die one day and this also takes place in the life of the loving and mentally attached husband and wife. The person, a widow, or a widower who is left alone in this world feels lonely and depressed. These lonely people need love, care, and attention in their advanced age. Everyone will come to this old age. While taking care of old people, one should be kind, loving, patient, and at the same time have respect for their age.

How To Face An Interview

Interview is a last phase of hiring process for selection of a right, potential and befitting candidate for the organization. To face interview successfully has become a challenge these days. When you are called for an interview means, the employer has short listed your name out of many applicants and considers you for the job, but you should perform well in the interview. Nervousness or anxiety for the interview is natural but there are certain things you should do for the interview and that could also minimize your nervousness and anxiety to some extent.

Prerequisites For An Job Interview-

Before going to interview, sequence wise arrange your educational certificates, testimonials, experience certificates, and other required documents in your folder that are mentioned to bring with you in your call letter. Do not keep any unnecessary documents in the folder. Take an extra copy of your resume.

Job Seeker8 copy

Do some researches about the organization before the interview. Try to gather information about their product, their culture, what is valued, and what is discouraged and many. By collecting this information you can explain the interviewer the reason of your interest in joining their company. Try to talk to the people interviewed by the same organization, find out who were selected and who were rejected, and identify the difference.

Key Factors for an Interview

Dress properly for the interview. It is advisable to wear formal dresses for both male and female candidate to the interview. Dressing sense plays a vital role in the interview. Select the dress you want to wear much before and that should be cleaned and ironed. Your hair style should be neat and nail should be cleaned. Polish your shoes. Reach the interview spot at least thirty minutes before the schedule time. Dressing properly and reaching the spot on time will have a positive impact on you.

Enter the interview room with confidence and greet the interviewer with a smile. Wait till the interviewer offer you a seat. If you occupy a seat without offer, it gives a bad impression. Wait till the interviewer starts the conversation.

Good communication skill gives a good impression. Due to nervousness and poor grammar many talented candidate fail to get success. You should have strong vocabulary with good pronunciation and grammar. Listen attentively the questions that are asked, and answer the questions to the point. Do not elaborate the answers and avoid unnecessary talks at the time of interview, brief answers to the point are appreciated. Your answers should be confined to what is asked. Be meticulous and well prepared in your subject before going for an interview. If you do not know the answers do not hesitate to admit it before the interviewer. Do not try to fool the interviewer by bluffing. Little humor occasionally during the course of interview carries a good impression of your personality but do not tell jokes.

Job Interview7 copy

During interview process if you feel that you are not doing well and will be rejected, do not be discouraged because many times the interviewer discourages the interviewee to test his reactions.

There are some general questions that are most likely asked by the interviewer such as

1.            Tell us about yourself?

2.            What are your strength and weakness?

3.            What interest you to join our organization?

4.            Why you want to leave the current organization?

While answering, “Tell us about yourself” always focus on your back ground, achievements in personal and professional life.

Many interviewees look away while answering the questions due to their anxiety. This is not a good practice. You should maintain an eye contact with the interviewers throughout the interview. This shows your self confidence.

Interviewers expect questions from you also. Questions like about the position you have applied, responsibilities, goals and questions about the company such as its product, future plans, competitors, and culture will have a good impact. It shows your interest in the job and in the organization. Do not ask about the salary and other benefits unless you are appointed. If you are asked about the expectation of salary do not quote any figure. Just reply you should pay as per your work experience.

After the interview is over, thank the interviewers for their valuable time and leave the room with a confident and firm hand shake.

How To Guide Your Kid To Be A Good Human Being?

Many people are involved in bringing up a child, such as grandparents, teachers, and other elder members in a family, but parents are the most responsible people as father and mother, in bringing up their children by guiding their children. They are the role model for their children.

Qualities of parenting

Good parents usually have good children. Parents themselves should be well disciplined in their life then only they can guide or bring up their children in a disciplined way. Children learn whatever they see from their parents. Parents who show respect, friendliness, honesty, hospitality, kindness to others will have their children having these good qualities. Children learn many things from their parents. They learn whatever they see; if parents lie then children also will learn to lie. If parents are violent at home and use bad languages then children will observe these qualities and do the same thing outside their home.


It is the responsibility of the parents, to bring up their children, in a disciplined way. Discipline helps the child to have self control, self dependent, and respectful. Good behavior and discipline is taught in schools and in different educational institutions by teachers but parents are the first who train or guide their children with good examples to be a good human in the society. Discipline is the process, which helps or teaches the children to behave in such a way that is acceptable in the society.

Things to teach our children

Discipline does not mean to teach the child good behavior only through punishment. Discipline and punishment are two different things. While teaching discipline, punishment may be included but it should be done properly in a correct way so that the child understands his or her mistakes, learns from the mistake, and does not repeat the mistake. Never punish the child in public or in front of other people. Everyone has self respect even a small child. Getting punishment in public, humiliates the child and they develop anger within. When parents use punishment as a discipline technique, to make the kid go in the correct way, it tends to bring anger in the child thus the child is not able to understand the motive of the parents behind the punishment. If parents punish their child, they should be aware that the child is able to understand the mistake he or she has done. If the child learns from the mistake then it is better than any punishment given by the parents. Some children out of fear of getting punishment try to hide the mistake they have committed. This is not at all good for the future of the child. This does not means that parents should not punish their children, when required, a child should be punished but in a proper way so that he or she understands why the punishment has been given. There should be always a good relation between the parents and the child. Parents should be caring and loving. They should be able to make their child understand between good qualities and bad qualities, which are very essential to be a good human being in this world and it also shows the good qualities of parenting. If the child understands the motive of the parents, then the child can understand the punishment given by the parents and will improve his or her behavior.WinterClothes1

Every young or old person has a wish that his or her good work or good behavior should be appreciated or acknowledged which helps to develop their personality and behavior. In the same way kids get encouraged when the good work or the good behavior is appreciated. Parents should always appreciate the good qualities in their child or the good way they behave in public. A small gift, a little hug, or a kiss can make great difference in the child’s life. This helps them to be better human when they grow up.

These days, all have a busy life. Both the parents go out to work. They do not have enough time for their children. They depend on servants to take care of their child. Servants do not have a disciplined life for which the children those who are under the care of these servants also tend to be indiscipline. Parents should have time for their children. At least the mother should have time for her children. It makes a lot of difference if a mother takes care of her child rather than a servant.

How to handle teenage children

Infants gradually grow up and all of a sudden you find them in their teenage. At this age there are physical as well as mental changes in a child. This age is very difficult to handle. Parents should be very careful and should have patience while handling them. This is the age when parents should be like their friend. At this age children need time to spend with their parents together as a family. Parents should have time to listen to the problems and able to solve the problems a child faces in school or with friends outside. For this parents should arrange their work schedule in such a way so that they can spend time with their children during either breakfast or dinner. This helps them to be close with their children as it gives the opportunity for conversation as they can stay at the table after finishing their food. The relation of the parents with their teenage children should be very open and friendly so that the teenage child can share all his or her problems with the parents. At this age the child needs proper guidance from the parents, which helps them to be a good human being.

How To Choose Baby Clothes In Winter

For every season we need different clothes according to the need of the season. In hot summer we need light clothes so that it keeps us cool. In the same way in winter we need warm clothes to keep us warm. Babies also need clothes according to the seasons.

In cold winter babies need warm clothes to maintain their body temperature properly. Babies do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature as the adults can do, for this they should be taken extra care in winter to avoid cold strikes. Parents should be very careful while getting baby clothes for winter season. It is advisable not to get or buy too many woolen dresses for babies as they grow fast and the woolen dresses bought will not fit the babies in the next season.

Things to be consider before purchase a baby winter cloth

Skin of the baby is very delicate and sensitive. It is better to choose baby product clothes to protect our baby’s skin that made out soft organic fiber that are breathable. Direct touch of rough woolen dress can cause allergic in the skin of the baby. The sweater is good for the babies in very cold place, but it should be made of fine and soft wool, which is comfortable for the baby. Make sure to choose the sweater for the baby, which are according to the comfort of the baby. If there is elastic near the opening, such as near the neck or shoulder, it should not be very tight as it can make the baby uncomfortable. Bonnet, mittens, and socks are also needed for the baby if you take your baby out. Sometimes parents wish to dress their baby in fancy, synthetic woolen dresses but these are not advisable, as they cause more discomfort. It does not matter how the dress fits or the baby looks like, the more important thing is that how comfortable and safe your baby is.

WinterClothes1 copy

Baby winter clothes

Bonnets or woolen caps are very necessary in cold winter as it covers the head and the ears of the baby. Dry cold wind in winter is harmful for the baby as it can make them very cold if their head and ear are not covered. As a result they may get cold, cough, and fever. One should keep the baby’s head and ears covered by bonnets or woolen caps. These things should be in proper size and shape so that it fits the head and ears of the baby properly. If they are little bigger in size, then the baby feels uncomfortable as the bonnets or caps comes on their face and covers their nose. This is sometime dangerous for the baby as they are very small. There are many cases of suffocation hazards if the size of the caps and bonnets are bigger in size. It is advisable not to make the baby wear caps or bonnets at sleeping time, as it is not safe. While you are getting mittens and socks you should be very careful in choosing the correct size because if the sizes are bigger then it will not fit the baby’s hand and feet properly, it will come out of their feet and hands. All of a sudden you will find the baby is cold and uncomfortable without mittens and socks as they are out of the baby’s feet and hand due to the large size of mittens and socks.

Baby Clothes2 copy

Winter coats having a hood attached to it is good for the baby as it covers the head and ears of the baby and protects them from dry cold wind of winter. Winter coats, jackets, and even sweaters should have front open system. The zippers or the buttons should be in front so that it is easier for the parents to make the baby wear it and again take it out when necessary.

Blankets are very essential in cold winter for babies. While getting a blanket, parents should be very careful in choosing the correct type of blanket that is comfortable for the baby and at the same time easy for the parents to clean it. There are many different types of blankets made of cotton, flannel, and wool. The size of the blanket should be according to the age and size of the baby. The correct size of blanket covers the baby properly keeping them warm and comfortable in cold winter. If the blanket is smaller in size then there is chance that the baby is not covered properly and at the same time if the blanket is bigger then there is a chance that the baby gets covered his or her head by their own movement and get suffocated. Some blankets are very rough that causes irritation and rashes in the skin of the baby. Always choose soft baby product blankets for babies that are safe.

Choosing the correct clothes in winter for babies is very important to keep your baby comfortable and safe. It is advisable to choose the proper baby products winter dresses and blankets for the cold winter to keep your baby healthy.

Different Causes Of Road Accidents And How To Avoid It.

Accidents on the roads are increasing. It is a mishap that is not foreseen. It occurs suddenly due to many reasons. More than 1.2 million people are dying worldwide every year in road accidents; one child is killed worldwide in every three minutes and there are also losses of national properties. Driver’s error is the most common cause of road accidents that includes speed driving, inexperienced driving, careless driving, intoxication during driving, ignoring use of seat belts or safety helmets, distraction during driving.

Causes behind accidents

Over speeding is the main cause of many fatal accidents. High speed multiples the chance of accidents whether it is a two wheeler or three wheeler or four wheeler. Faster vehicles are more prone to accident. If your vehicle is at high speed you need a greater distance to stop the vehicle while you can stop your vehicle immediately if you are driving in a reasonable speed. Statistics has revealed that the driving behavior of men and women differs. Road accidents caused by women drivers are mostly due to distracted driving where as accidents caused by men drivers are more likely due to risk taking behavior like speeding.

To control the speed limit of vehicle heavy penalty should be imposed on speeding drivers. Tamper proof speed controllers or speed controllers should be mandatory for two and four wheelers. Heavy penalty should be imposed on drivers those who caused the accident due to high speed.


Fatal error by drivers

Inexperienced drivers such as teenagers often cause fatal road accidents. Two wheeler accidents and car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. They do not have the knowledge of road signs or traffic rules. Parents must ensure that their children do not drive unless they are trained from a good driving school. Proper driving training can decrease the road accidents to a great extent. Driving test should be more stringent. Enforcement of appropriate law to make sure that all commercial and private drivers are well conversant of driving and traffic rules before they get their driving licenses.

Many fatal accidents are caused due to the carelessness of the driver. Many young men tend to drive aggressively. They have a desire to drive powerful bikes and cars. They are tempted to drive in more speed when some bike or car overtakes them. They want to overtake each and every vehicle in front of them. Statistics has revealed that young men drivers are more involved in such type of unwanted road races that causes serious accidents.


Using drugs and alcohol before driving or during driving is a dangerous game. It causes many fatal accidents. Consumption of alcohol or drug during driving reduces the concentration, decreases the reaction time, and hampers vision due to dizziness. Every day worldwide many people die due to drunken driving. Enforcement of stringent laws such as heavy penalty and cancellation of driving license should be imposed to control intoxication driving.

Distraction driving is another main reason of many serious road accidents. Now a days using mobile phones while driving has become a common practice worldwide. Due to distraction driving many innocent people loses their lives. Changing music disc, receiving telephone calls while driving can cause serious accidents due to distraction. It can cause rear-end and head-on collision and can cause severe damage to both passengers and vehicles. Other causes of distractions are banners, billboards, and adjusting the mirror while driving. You can talk in your mobile, play your favorite music, adjust the mirror but before doing these it is better to park your vehicle at a parking area. By doing this you can avoid accidents.

The motive of red light jumping is to save time and save fuel. However remember the minute you save may be your last and you may have to spend huge amount in the hospital due to injury than the cost of fuel. Red light jumping not only brings dangers to him but also at the same time causes loss to the innocent road users.

Using safety helmets in two wheelers and seat belts in four wheelers can significantly reduces the fatality of accidents and can also double the chances of survival. Therefore strict rule should be imposed to use safety helmets and seat belts. All helmet users should ensure the fixing of chin strap. Government administration should ensure sell of only good quality and certified helmets in the market.

Besides the above factors there is also other reason that causes road accidents. Many pedestrians lose their lives or injured every day due to their carelessness, crossing roads at wrong places. Accidents are caused by the passengers such as boarding a moving bus, projecting hands, or heads outside the vehicle, traveling on foot boards of the vehicle and many other careless actions.

Mechanical failure of vehicle is also a major cause of fatal road accidents. Brake failure, steering failure, tyre burst, and insufficient head lights can lead to serious road accidents. Inspection of vehicle is an important precaution should be taken care of before running of the vehicle. Periodical maintenance should be taken care of and do not take risk by neglecting the maintenance.

Many road accidents are caused due to damaged roads, illegal speed breakers, and pot-holes. Country, state, government entities should take care of these unsafe spots and should make them safe. Cycling small children in busy roads should be restricted and by doing this many accidents can be avoided.

One important point to reduce the road accident is to observe road safety day, road safety week in schools, colleges and other government and private organizations.

How To Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is taking correct food in correct amount. To be healthy, you need to eat a balanced diet that nourishes properly your physical body. The food we eat has a major impact on our health. Eating all food moderately in a discipline way is best to remain healthy.

Balanced diet is required for all age group. It may be different in age wise, small children need different diet from that of older generation. Daily nutritional need of person varies according to their age and work they do. A balanced diet gives natural prevention of diseases. It controls the weight of the body according to the age and height of different person.

The most important is to balance the calorie intake with that of the exercise or the daily physical work you do according to the age. Different food has different types of vitamins and minerals, which is essential for our body to keep us healthy. Fruits and vegetables have varieties of vitamins and minerals, which are good for our body but at the same time our body needs protein and fat. For intake of protein and fat, we need to take meat, fish, and eggs.


Importance of Vegetables in our life

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy and well balanced diet. Fruit and vegetables have high range of water and low range of fat in them along with different types of minerals and vitamins. It keeps us healthy if we have the regular habit of taking fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Intake of food without fruits and vegetables can lead to many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer. You can have various vitamin deficiencies that lead to a lower immune system and prolonged illness in children as well as in adults. The vitamins and minerals in vegetables work with the fibre and phytochemicals to boost vitality and to protect against diseases. Vegetables and fruits can be taken raw after washing it properly. They can be taken as salads. You can cook and eat vegetables making different dishes. Vegetable soup is also good and gives nourishment. Fruit juice is good in the morning; you can have it at breakfast.

Protein in food is mainly derived from animal products, such as eggs, meat, and flesh which is very essential for growth and repair of the body. It helps in hair, nails, and muscles growth. It repairs the nerve cells and heals the injuries. The diet without protein leads to heart disease, muscles problems, arthritis, and even organ failure. Protein from animal product is best as they contain good range of amino acid but people who are completely vegetarian can get protein from nuts, seeds, pulses, and soya products. Insufficient of protein in the diet leads to hair loss, muscle soreness, cramp, slow healing process, and sleep loss. Red meat is high in saturated fat, which is not healthy if taken regularly; it can lead to heart problem. Poultry is popular and is available all over the world. It provides healthy protein and essential minerals. It is advisable to take more poultry rather than red meat. Fish especially, oily fish is high in protein, and at the same time it contains, fatty acids such as omega 3 that helps in reducing cardiovascular disease. Food containing protein should be taken in your main meal of the day.


Dairy product is necessary in the diet as it gives calcium. Milk, cheese, yogurt, soya milk are good source of calcium. It helps to make the bones and teeth strong. Milk is a good and healthy drink for everyone. It is good to take at breakfast and also at bed time. You can take milk in different ways by making different dishes such pudding, custard.

Anti-Oxidants: A Necessity

Carbohydrates in our diet are also necessary. It provides glucose to our body that helps to remain active. They provide our body with a long lasting energy. Carbohydrate foods are low in fat. The best carbohydrate foods are whole grain. Whole grains are more nutrient than the finely stripped grain or polished grain. Once in a day carbohydrates should be taken in the form of brown rice, oats meal, or brown bread. Good carbohydrate food such as whole grain is good for our body because it contains fiber that helps digestion. They are anti oxidants that helps to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Eating a healthy diet can help us to look good, feel great, and have lots of energy. Balanced diet is very important for all the age group of people from infants to old people to live a healthy and long life.

How To Develop A Strong Personality

Some are born with a good personality, which is God gifted. On the other hand some people try to develop a strong personality. A person’s nature, character, temperament and even the physical appearance creates personality. Your personality can improve and you can develop strong personality by understanding your own mistakes and correcting it. Personality can be developed by our own effort and also by association with other people who possesses a strong personality. Some impress others by their soberness, some by their presence of mind, some by their logical powder, and some by their charm. Personality cannot be same; it differs from person to person. Everyone wants to be liked by others and for that a strong personality is required. To achieve strong personality you need to follow below mentioned points.


Interaction & communication

Know more about the world by interacting with other people. Discuss about hubbies, movies, sports, politics, television shows, and other topics. Be more influential in your work place and also in the society.

Goal & ambition

Setting a goal is important to develop your personality. Everyone in this world has some desires and wants to achieve those desires but many time fails. After doing hard work why they fail? They fail due to their mistakes. Those mistakes should not be repeated by you. Always ask yourself, where you are now, and where you want to go. For example you want to feed data faster in computer. Do you know your typing speed? You want a typing speed of 60 words per minute but actually you have a typing speed of 30 words per minute. How you will achieve typing speed 80 words per minute? At this point you can set a goal to improve your speed 10% every week. Accordingly you practice every day and ultimately you will achieve the goal.

Negative attitude & weakness

It is better to identify your negative attitudes than to know the good about you. Unless you change your weak points you cannot develop your personality. Once you identify your weakness, work on them, and change your attitude.

Being a good human plays a vital role in making a strong personality. For this you have to bring out the good qualities in you. Always be honest and truthful in everything you do. People appreciate and admire the persons who are understanding or who understands other people’s problems and difficulties. Be kind and considerate. People admire this quality of a person and have respect, which gradually makes a strong personality in men.

 negative attitude18

Things to change in our personality

Be a good listener and have patience while dealing with the young generations. Having patience is an ideal quality of a strong personality. Always finding fault of others is not good. It is better to know your own mistakes and humbly accept it. Sometime others are correct and have better ideas. Respecting others thought and idea makes you a better human and at the same time you are loved and respected by others. This brings a strong personality in you. Controlling your anger is necessary so learn for how to manage your anger. It is not good to shout at someone in front of others even if he or she is at mistake. Nobody appreciates a person who shouts in public. This does makes a strong personality.

There is always a time for everything. It is not good to be always serious and quite. A smile on your face will feel others that you are approachable and amicable and you are a positive man. Sometimes it is good to laugh and humorous; you can crack a joke and make the work atmosphere a little relaxed but not always.

It is good to be thorough in your work and subject. Always be confident in what you are doing. You should have the confidence in your voice and eyes as this reflects your appearance. While talking with someone whether young or old always look at their face and talk. This brings confidence in your personality and helps you to have a strong personality.

To develop a strong personality you should have a positive attitude towards everything. Life is not smooth always. There are difficult times at home atmosphere and in work atmosphere also. At these difficult times it is better to think positively and handle the problem properly instead of having anxiety, which can lead to many other problems and even health problem.

Take care of your health by living a disciplined life and having good habits. This will keep you physically and mentally healthy. Being healthy will help you to have confidence in yourself, which can reflect on your appearance and you can have a strong personality.