Cancer And How It Forms In Our Body

Cancer is a disease when the cells in the body grow abnormally instead of growing in a methodically or systematically. The growth of the body cells grows out of control, even a single cell escapes the normal genetic way and grows rapidly or swiftly, dividing into more abnormal cells, spreading throughout the body and destroying the other cells. If there is abnormal cell growth in the body it can destroy the healthy cells and can invade or attack the other parts of the body very rapidly. In other words cancer is the abnormal way of the cell growth that grows very fast destroying the other healthy cells in the body. It is a malignant disease that gradually harms the body and destroys it completely.

Formation of Cancer In Body-

Our body is made of many living cells. These cells grow, divide themselves, and die in a systematically way. The fetus in the mother’s womb, when it is in the form of cell, it divides and grows methodically and comes out to the world as a normal healthy infant. The infant grows up and becomes an adult, all these while the cells in the body grows normally and divide in a healthy way. As soon as the child becomes adult, the growth of the cells reduces. At this time the cells grows or divides only to replace the worn out cells or to repair any injury. However the cancerous cell grows and multiplies in an abnormal or unusual way destroying the healthy cells in the body.

Impacts of Cancer in DNA-

A cancer cell originates from normal or usual cells when their DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) within the cell is damaged or spoiled. DNA is present in every cell, directing the action, development, and demise of the cell. When the DNA is spoiled or damaged in a normal cell, the cell either repairs the cell or destroys the cell. If there is a cancerous cell in the body, then the spoiled or damaged DNA is not repaired, and the cell is not destroyed. On the other hand, instead of the cell being destroyed it produces more abnormal cells with abnormal DNA. Thus the new abnormal cells have defective DNA of the original cancer cells. It is believed that the damaged or spoiled DNA is inherited from parents or sometimes it is impulsive or a spontaneous problem that happens to anyone in the life time.

Cancer affetcted dna18 copy

Different forms of Cancer and its cause-

Cancer can form or can develop from any cell of the body. There are different types of cancer, which can develop in any organ or any part of the body. A tumor is the beginning or the initial stage of cancer. When cells do not die, as they should, instead new cells form when the body does not need the cells, these cells form a mass of tissue called tumor. Some tumors are non cancerous growth known as benign tumors, where as some are cancerous or malignant tumors. It is not easy to know if the tumor is malignant in the beginning or in the first stage. A malignant tumor spreads to other parts or organs of the body. The spread of cancer to other parts of the body is known as metastasis. Some cancers do not form tumors as the leukemia. It is the cancer of bone marrow and blood.

Lukemia19 copy

 There are different types of cancers in different parts of our body. They can be grouped in different categories. Cancer that starts from the tissues that covers the internal organs is known as carcinomas. Cancers that starts or begins in the bones, cartilage, blood vessels, muscle, in supportive or other connective tissues are known as sarcoma. Cancer that begins in the cells of the immune systems is known as lymphoma and myeloma. Leukemia is the cancer that begins in the blood forming tissues as the bone marrow. It creates a large amount of abnormal cells that enters the blood.

There are many different causes of why people have cancer. It may be genetic or constitutional characteristic of an individual, diet, and environment. One of the main causes of cancer is the life style of the people. Smoking, drinking alcohol, having high fat diet, working with toxic chemicals can cause cancer. Exposure to excessive amounts of ultraviolet A and B radiation from sunlight has a risk of skin cancer. Certain viral infection or viral disease may lead to have a risk of cancer. If cancer can be detected in the early stage or in the first stage, it can be treated properly and cured.


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