How To Prevent Old Age Health Problems

Many older people have mental strength; they can lead a normal life and take care of themselves. However it is very natural for elderly people to become physically weak due to degeneration process in the advanced age. For this reason many elderly people either men or women become mentally weak when they experience physical weakness. They cannot take care of themselves and depend on the younger generation or their own children who are young.

Different Problems During Old Age-

Lack of caretaker is a big problem today. Everyone is not a caretaker. No one wants to live along with old people, who are ill and weak physically and at the same time it is difficult to deal with physical and emotional problems that the elderly people have. Compared to the past generation people are more fortunate these days, they live longer and healthier due to the advanced technology of medical science and medicine. At the same time, there are many unfortunate elderly people, though they have longevity, they are financially poor, may not be having a good health and do not have a caretaker.

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 They should have regular health checkup by a good physician such as cardiac, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood urea. This can keep the old people healthy without facing any serious health problems.

It is very difficult and depressing at the same time to take care of old people. No one can tolerate to see the sufferings of the older people and it is not easy, watching someone die. A person who is a caretaker of elderly people should be mentally strong and have patience to deal with all the problems they may face while caring for the elders.

There are many types of physical change in elderly people such as the vision, hearing, skin, renal function, bones degeneration, nerve problem, forgetfulness, and many other things for which they become psychologically weak. A care taker should keep in mind all these problems while attending an elderly person.

Effect of Old Age On Eyes, Skin, And Kidney-

Elderly person have poor vision. Some have cataract and glaucoma in their eyes. Care should be taken of their eyes by consulting an eye specialist. The eye should be tested and given glasses to use accordingly. If operation is needed for cataract then it should be done before they can lose their vision completely.

As the older generation cannot hear properly it is better to talk with them in a louder voice and deal with them patiently. If necessary, hearing aid should be given.

Skin of the old people becomes very delicate and loose. Regular body oil massaging is required. If the person is bed ridden, more care should be taken, as there is a chance of developing bed sores. They should be kept cleanly in a hygienic way.

Renal problem means the kidneys are not functioning properly. A person may be having a healthy kidney in the young age but all of a sudden in the old age they may have renal problem or kidney problem. This may be due to diabetes. Plenty of liquid diet should be given along with other diet. A doctor should attend if any abnormal sequence arises.

Impact of Old Age on Bones And Nervous System-

Bones degeneration problem is very common in elderly people. Aging causes brittleness in the bones due to calcium deficiency. Care should be taken properly so that, they do not fall while moving or walking on their own. A simple fall may cause fracture in legs or hands. At this age it is very difficult for the bones to repair. Ladies are more prone to calcium deficiency and have more chance of bone fracture. Many old people also suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. They become immobile. The caretaker should have patients to lift them and move them when needed.

Nerve weakness or nerve problem is also a major problem in old age. With aging the nerve becomes weaker for which there is a problem in the movement of hands and legs. The sense organs are also affected. This is because of the decreased blood flow to the nerve endings, to the spinal cord or brain. They get tired soon. The care taker should be kind and patient while taking care of these people.

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Many elderly couple becomes lonely due to the separation of their partners. It is the truth that everyone will die one day and this also takes place in the life of the loving and mentally attached husband and wife. The person, a widow, or a widower who is left alone in this world feels lonely and depressed. These lonely people need love, care, and attention in their advanced age. Everyone will come to this old age. While taking care of old people, one should be kind, loving, patient, and at the same time have respect for their age.


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