How To Face An Interview

Interview is a last phase of hiring process for selection of a right, potential and befitting candidate for the organization. To face interview successfully has become a challenge these days. When you are called for an interview means, the employer has short listed your name out of many applicants and considers you for the job, but you should perform well in the interview. Nervousness or anxiety for the interview is natural but there are certain things you should do for the interview and that could also minimize your nervousness and anxiety to some extent.

Prerequisites For An Job Interview-

Before going to interview, sequence wise arrange your educational certificates, testimonials, experience certificates, and other required documents in your folder that are mentioned to bring with you in your call letter. Do not keep any unnecessary documents in the folder. Take an extra copy of your resume.

Job Seeker8 copy

Do some researches about the organization before the interview. Try to gather information about their product, their culture, what is valued, and what is discouraged and many. By collecting this information you can explain the interviewer the reason of your interest in joining their company. Try to talk to the people interviewed by the same organization, find out who were selected and who were rejected, and identify the difference.

Key Factors for an Interview

Dress properly for the interview. It is advisable to wear formal dresses for both male and female candidate to the interview. Dressing sense plays a vital role in the interview. Select the dress you want to wear much before and that should be cleaned and ironed. Your hair style should be neat and nail should be cleaned. Polish your shoes. Reach the interview spot at least thirty minutes before the schedule time. Dressing properly and reaching the spot on time will have a positive impact on you.

Enter the interview room with confidence and greet the interviewer with a smile. Wait till the interviewer offer you a seat. If you occupy a seat without offer, it gives a bad impression. Wait till the interviewer starts the conversation.

Good communication skill gives a good impression. Due to nervousness and poor grammar many talented candidate fail to get success. You should have strong vocabulary with good pronunciation and grammar. Listen attentively the questions that are asked, and answer the questions to the point. Do not elaborate the answers and avoid unnecessary talks at the time of interview, brief answers to the point are appreciated. Your answers should be confined to what is asked. Be meticulous and well prepared in your subject before going for an interview. If you do not know the answers do not hesitate to admit it before the interviewer. Do not try to fool the interviewer by bluffing. Little humor occasionally during the course of interview carries a good impression of your personality but do not tell jokes.

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During interview process if you feel that you are not doing well and will be rejected, do not be discouraged because many times the interviewer discourages the interviewee to test his reactions.

There are some general questions that are most likely asked by the interviewer such as

1.            Tell us about yourself?

2.            What are your strength and weakness?

3.            What interest you to join our organization?

4.            Why you want to leave the current organization?

While answering, “Tell us about yourself” always focus on your back ground, achievements in personal and professional life.

Many interviewees look away while answering the questions due to their anxiety. This is not a good practice. You should maintain an eye contact with the interviewers throughout the interview. This shows your self confidence.

Interviewers expect questions from you also. Questions like about the position you have applied, responsibilities, goals and questions about the company such as its product, future plans, competitors, and culture will have a good impact. It shows your interest in the job and in the organization. Do not ask about the salary and other benefits unless you are appointed. If you are asked about the expectation of salary do not quote any figure. Just reply you should pay as per your work experience.

After the interview is over, thank the interviewers for their valuable time and leave the room with a confident and firm hand shake.


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