How To Guide Your Kid To Be A Good Human Being?

Many people are involved in bringing up a child, such as grandparents, teachers, and other elder members in a family, but parents are the most responsible people as father and mother, in bringing up their children by guiding their children. They are the role model for their children.

Qualities of parenting

Good parents usually have good children. Parents themselves should be well disciplined in their life then only they can guide or bring up their children in a disciplined way. Children learn whatever they see from their parents. Parents who show respect, friendliness, honesty, hospitality, kindness to others will have their children having these good qualities. Children learn many things from their parents. They learn whatever they see; if parents lie then children also will learn to lie. If parents are violent at home and use bad languages then children will observe these qualities and do the same thing outside their home.


It is the responsibility of the parents, to bring up their children, in a disciplined way. Discipline helps the child to have self control, self dependent, and respectful. Good behavior and discipline is taught in schools and in different educational institutions by teachers but parents are the first who train or guide their children with good examples to be a good human in the society. Discipline is the process, which helps or teaches the children to behave in such a way that is acceptable in the society.

Things to teach our children

Discipline does not mean to teach the child good behavior only through punishment. Discipline and punishment are two different things. While teaching discipline, punishment may be included but it should be done properly in a correct way so that the child understands his or her mistakes, learns from the mistake, and does not repeat the mistake. Never punish the child in public or in front of other people. Everyone has self respect even a small child. Getting punishment in public, humiliates the child and they develop anger within. When parents use punishment as a discipline technique, to make the kid go in the correct way, it tends to bring anger in the child thus the child is not able to understand the motive of the parents behind the punishment. If parents punish their child, they should be aware that the child is able to understand the mistake he or she has done. If the child learns from the mistake then it is better than any punishment given by the parents. Some children out of fear of getting punishment try to hide the mistake they have committed. This is not at all good for the future of the child. This does not means that parents should not punish their children, when required, a child should be punished but in a proper way so that he or she understands why the punishment has been given. There should be always a good relation between the parents and the child. Parents should be caring and loving. They should be able to make their child understand between good qualities and bad qualities, which are very essential to be a good human being in this world and it also shows the good qualities of parenting. If the child understands the motive of the parents, then the child can understand the punishment given by the parents and will improve his or her behavior.WinterClothes1

Every young or old person has a wish that his or her good work or good behavior should be appreciated or acknowledged which helps to develop their personality and behavior. In the same way kids get encouraged when the good work or the good behavior is appreciated. Parents should always appreciate the good qualities in their child or the good way they behave in public. A small gift, a little hug, or a kiss can make great difference in the child’s life. This helps them to be better human when they grow up.

These days, all have a busy life. Both the parents go out to work. They do not have enough time for their children. They depend on servants to take care of their child. Servants do not have a disciplined life for which the children those who are under the care of these servants also tend to be indiscipline. Parents should have time for their children. At least the mother should have time for her children. It makes a lot of difference if a mother takes care of her child rather than a servant.

How to handle teenage children

Infants gradually grow up and all of a sudden you find them in their teenage. At this age there are physical as well as mental changes in a child. This age is very difficult to handle. Parents should be very careful and should have patience while handling them. This is the age when parents should be like their friend. At this age children need time to spend with their parents together as a family. Parents should have time to listen to the problems and able to solve the problems a child faces in school or with friends outside. For this parents should arrange their work schedule in such a way so that they can spend time with their children during either breakfast or dinner. This helps them to be close with their children as it gives the opportunity for conversation as they can stay at the table after finishing their food. The relation of the parents with their teenage children should be very open and friendly so that the teenage child can share all his or her problems with the parents. At this age the child needs proper guidance from the parents, which helps them to be a good human being.


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