How To Choose Baby Clothes In Winter

For every season we need different clothes according to the need of the season. In hot summer we need light clothes so that it keeps us cool. In the same way in winter we need warm clothes to keep us warm. Babies also need clothes according to the seasons.

In cold winter babies need warm clothes to maintain their body temperature properly. Babies do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature as the adults can do, for this they should be taken extra care in winter to avoid cold strikes. Parents should be very careful while getting baby clothes for winter season. It is advisable not to get or buy too many woolen dresses for babies as they grow fast and the woolen dresses bought will not fit the babies in the next season.

Things to be consider before purchase a baby winter cloth

Skin of the baby is very delicate and sensitive. It is better to choose baby product clothes to protect our baby’s skin that made out soft organic fiber that are breathable. Direct touch of rough woolen dress can cause allergic in the skin of the baby. The sweater is good for the babies in very cold place, but it should be made of fine and soft wool, which is comfortable for the baby. Make sure to choose the sweater for the baby, which are according to the comfort of the baby. If there is elastic near the opening, such as near the neck or shoulder, it should not be very tight as it can make the baby uncomfortable. Bonnet, mittens, and socks are also needed for the baby if you take your baby out. Sometimes parents wish to dress their baby in fancy, synthetic woolen dresses but these are not advisable, as they cause more discomfort. It does not matter how the dress fits or the baby looks like, the more important thing is that how comfortable and safe your baby is.

WinterClothes1 copy

Baby winter clothes

Bonnets or woolen caps are very necessary in cold winter as it covers the head and the ears of the baby. Dry cold wind in winter is harmful for the baby as it can make them very cold if their head and ear are not covered. As a result they may get cold, cough, and fever. One should keep the baby’s head and ears covered by bonnets or woolen caps. These things should be in proper size and shape so that it fits the head and ears of the baby properly. If they are little bigger in size, then the baby feels uncomfortable as the bonnets or caps comes on their face and covers their nose. This is sometime dangerous for the baby as they are very small. There are many cases of suffocation hazards if the size of the caps and bonnets are bigger in size. It is advisable not to make the baby wear caps or bonnets at sleeping time, as it is not safe. While you are getting mittens and socks you should be very careful in choosing the correct size because if the sizes are bigger then it will not fit the baby’s hand and feet properly, it will come out of their feet and hands. All of a sudden you will find the baby is cold and uncomfortable without mittens and socks as they are out of the baby’s feet and hand due to the large size of mittens and socks.

Baby Clothes2 copy

Winter coats having a hood attached to it is good for the baby as it covers the head and ears of the baby and protects them from dry cold wind of winter. Winter coats, jackets, and even sweaters should have front open system. The zippers or the buttons should be in front so that it is easier for the parents to make the baby wear it and again take it out when necessary.

Blankets are very essential in cold winter for babies. While getting a blanket, parents should be very careful in choosing the correct type of blanket that is comfortable for the baby and at the same time easy for the parents to clean it. There are many different types of blankets made of cotton, flannel, and wool. The size of the blanket should be according to the age and size of the baby. The correct size of blanket covers the baby properly keeping them warm and comfortable in cold winter. If the blanket is smaller in size then there is chance that the baby is not covered properly and at the same time if the blanket is bigger then there is a chance that the baby gets covered his or her head by their own movement and get suffocated. Some blankets are very rough that causes irritation and rashes in the skin of the baby. Always choose soft baby product blankets for babies that are safe.

Choosing the correct clothes in winter for babies is very important to keep your baby comfortable and safe. It is advisable to choose the proper baby products winter dresses and blankets for the cold winter to keep your baby healthy.


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