Different Causes Of Road Accidents And How To Avoid It.

Accidents on the roads are increasing. It is a mishap that is not foreseen. It occurs suddenly due to many reasons. More than 1.2 million people are dying worldwide every year in road accidents; one child is killed worldwide in every three minutes and there are also losses of national properties. Driver’s error is the most common cause of road accidents that includes speed driving, inexperienced driving, careless driving, intoxication during driving, ignoring use of seat belts or safety helmets, distraction during driving.

Causes behind accidents

Over speeding is the main cause of many fatal accidents. High speed multiples the chance of accidents whether it is a two wheeler or three wheeler or four wheeler. Faster vehicles are more prone to accident. If your vehicle is at high speed you need a greater distance to stop the vehicle while you can stop your vehicle immediately if you are driving in a reasonable speed. Statistics has revealed that the driving behavior of men and women differs. Road accidents caused by women drivers are mostly due to distracted driving where as accidents caused by men drivers are more likely due to risk taking behavior like speeding.

To control the speed limit of vehicle heavy penalty should be imposed on speeding drivers. Tamper proof speed controllers or speed controllers should be mandatory for two and four wheelers. Heavy penalty should be imposed on drivers those who caused the accident due to high speed.


Fatal error by drivers

Inexperienced drivers such as teenagers often cause fatal road accidents. Two wheeler accidents and car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. They do not have the knowledge of road signs or traffic rules. Parents must ensure that their children do not drive unless they are trained from a good driving school. Proper driving training can decrease the road accidents to a great extent. Driving test should be more stringent. Enforcement of appropriate law to make sure that all commercial and private drivers are well conversant of driving and traffic rules before they get their driving licenses.

Many fatal accidents are caused due to the carelessness of the driver. Many young men tend to drive aggressively. They have a desire to drive powerful bikes and cars. They are tempted to drive in more speed when some bike or car overtakes them. They want to overtake each and every vehicle in front of them. Statistics has revealed that young men drivers are more involved in such type of unwanted road races that causes serious accidents.


Using drugs and alcohol before driving or during driving is a dangerous game. It causes many fatal accidents. Consumption of alcohol or drug during driving reduces the concentration, decreases the reaction time, and hampers vision due to dizziness. Every day worldwide many people die due to drunken driving. Enforcement of stringent laws such as heavy penalty and cancellation of driving license should be imposed to control intoxication driving.

Distraction driving is another main reason of many serious road accidents. Now a days using mobile phones while driving has become a common practice worldwide. Due to distraction driving many innocent people loses their lives. Changing music disc, receiving telephone calls while driving can cause serious accidents due to distraction. It can cause rear-end and head-on collision and can cause severe damage to both passengers and vehicles. Other causes of distractions are banners, billboards, and adjusting the mirror while driving. You can talk in your mobile, play your favorite music, adjust the mirror but before doing these it is better to park your vehicle at a parking area. By doing this you can avoid accidents.

The motive of red light jumping is to save time and save fuel. However remember the minute you save may be your last and you may have to spend huge amount in the hospital due to injury than the cost of fuel. Red light jumping not only brings dangers to him but also at the same time causes loss to the innocent road users.

Using safety helmets in two wheelers and seat belts in four wheelers can significantly reduces the fatality of accidents and can also double the chances of survival. Therefore strict rule should be imposed to use safety helmets and seat belts. All helmet users should ensure the fixing of chin strap. Government administration should ensure sell of only good quality and certified helmets in the market.

Besides the above factors there is also other reason that causes road accidents. Many pedestrians lose their lives or injured every day due to their carelessness, crossing roads at wrong places. Accidents are caused by the passengers such as boarding a moving bus, projecting hands, or heads outside the vehicle, traveling on foot boards of the vehicle and many other careless actions.

Mechanical failure of vehicle is also a major cause of fatal road accidents. Brake failure, steering failure, tyre burst, and insufficient head lights can lead to serious road accidents. Inspection of vehicle is an important precaution should be taken care of before running of the vehicle. Periodical maintenance should be taken care of and do not take risk by neglecting the maintenance.

Many road accidents are caused due to damaged roads, illegal speed breakers, and pot-holes. Country, state, government entities should take care of these unsafe spots and should make them safe. Cycling small children in busy roads should be restricted and by doing this many accidents can be avoided.

One important point to reduce the road accident is to observe road safety day, road safety week in schools, colleges and other government and private organizations.


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