How To Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is taking correct food in correct amount. To be healthy, you need to eat a balanced diet that nourishes properly your physical body. The food we eat has a major impact on our health. Eating all food moderately in a discipline way is best to remain healthy.

Balanced diet is required for all age group. It may be different in age wise, small children need different diet from that of older generation. Daily nutritional need of person varies according to their age and work they do. A balanced diet gives natural prevention of diseases. It controls the weight of the body according to the age and height of different person.

The most important is to balance the calorie intake with that of the exercise or the daily physical work you do according to the age. Different food has different types of vitamins and minerals, which is essential for our body to keep us healthy. Fruits and vegetables have varieties of vitamins and minerals, which are good for our body but at the same time our body needs protein and fat. For intake of protein and fat, we need to take meat, fish, and eggs.


Importance of Vegetables in our life

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy and well balanced diet. Fruit and vegetables have high range of water and low range of fat in them along with different types of minerals and vitamins. It keeps us healthy if we have the regular habit of taking fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Intake of food without fruits and vegetables can lead to many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer. You can have various vitamin deficiencies that lead to a lower immune system and prolonged illness in children as well as in adults. The vitamins and minerals in vegetables work with the fibre and phytochemicals to boost vitality and to protect against diseases. Vegetables and fruits can be taken raw after washing it properly. They can be taken as salads. You can cook and eat vegetables making different dishes. Vegetable soup is also good and gives nourishment. Fruit juice is good in the morning; you can have it at breakfast.

Protein in food is mainly derived from animal products, such as eggs, meat, and flesh which is very essential for growth and repair of the body. It helps in hair, nails, and muscles growth. It repairs the nerve cells and heals the injuries. The diet without protein leads to heart disease, muscles problems, arthritis, and even organ failure. Protein from animal product is best as they contain good range of amino acid but people who are completely vegetarian can get protein from nuts, seeds, pulses, and soya products. Insufficient of protein in the diet leads to hair loss, muscle soreness, cramp, slow healing process, and sleep loss. Red meat is high in saturated fat, which is not healthy if taken regularly; it can lead to heart problem. Poultry is popular and is available all over the world. It provides healthy protein and essential minerals. It is advisable to take more poultry rather than red meat. Fish especially, oily fish is high in protein, and at the same time it contains, fatty acids such as omega 3 that helps in reducing cardiovascular disease. Food containing protein should be taken in your main meal of the day.


Dairy product is necessary in the diet as it gives calcium. Milk, cheese, yogurt, soya milk are good source of calcium. It helps to make the bones and teeth strong. Milk is a good and healthy drink for everyone. It is good to take at breakfast and also at bed time. You can take milk in different ways by making different dishes such pudding, custard.

Anti-Oxidants: A Necessity

Carbohydrates in our diet are also necessary. It provides glucose to our body that helps to remain active. They provide our body with a long lasting energy. Carbohydrate foods are low in fat. The best carbohydrate foods are whole grain. Whole grains are more nutrient than the finely stripped grain or polished grain. Once in a day carbohydrates should be taken in the form of brown rice, oats meal, or brown bread. Good carbohydrate food such as whole grain is good for our body because it contains fiber that helps digestion. They are anti oxidants that helps to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Eating a healthy diet can help us to look good, feel great, and have lots of energy. Balanced diet is very important for all the age group of people from infants to old people to live a healthy and long life.


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