How To Do DVD Duplication And DVD Replication?

DVD stands for Digital Video Disc. DVD is a visual disc storage media that has higher storage capacity than CD. The difference between DVD duplication and DVD replication is that, both have different types of production process.

Facts about DVD replication manufacturing process

DVD replication is a physical production process. This process involves pressing the disc during manufacture from a glass master in a dust and smoke free room. A glass master is created. The glass master is used as a mold to create an exact replica of the master disc. The metalized glass master is then placed in an injection molding machine. This process involves injecting melted medical grade plastic on to the master mold to form the disc. After that a thin layer of metal is added to provide the reflectivity which is required for the DVD player to read. Then the metal is coated with lacquer for protection. This is known as replication.

DVD Replication11

Replication is suitable for jobs ranging from 2000 to one million pieces. DVD duplication is a better choice when time is constraint. Replication generally takes longer than duplication because of the extra steps of creating a glass master and creating screens for printing. But replication process is economical than duplication due to more number of copies.

More about DVD duplication

DVD duplication is known as DVD burning. DVD burning is a process of copying the entire contents of a master DVD on to a recordable blank DVD which is usually referred as DVD-R.  The master DVD is read by the DVD burning soft ware and copied on to a blank recordable DVD. This method is very common and usually used when small number of DVD copying is required. Now computers are equipped with in-build DVD writer drives. These in-build DVD writers are capable of copying DVDs but in limited numbers. Therefore many professionals do the duplication work at home because it is economical. To get the better quality of duplication one should choose to install the best DVD burning soft ware. Burning DVD can be done by personal computer or by burning instruments.

DVD Duplication12

For professionals, DVD duplication equipments are available for various ranges of business. A standalone single drive tower duplicator does not cost much like other duplicators. Duplicators are developed to give users an economical solution to produce large number of copied DVDs.  Stand alone system neither require a computer nor any soft ware to operate. Stand alone duplicator consists of Source Drive, Multiple Target Drive and Duplication Controller Card. The principle of this process is, the original master DVD is inserted at the Source Drive; the blank media are positioned at the Target Drive and the Duplication Controller Card controls the data flow between the source and the target drivers. This process is very simple and easy to operate. Standalone machines are operated manually and they do not have any automatic mechanism to load and unload the discs.

DVD duplication is ideal when the required volume is five hundred or less. Time is the main factor and DVD duplication is the best option when there is a tight time limit.

There is no quality difference between DVD replication and DVD duplication. Both DVD burning programs and DVD replication programs run a quality test for the discs. When choosing between the two, the important point to consider is that which process best suits your needs.


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