How To Make Amazing Girl Diaper Cake

Having a baby girl is a special moment for every parent. If you want a creative and practical way to welcome a new baby girl in to this world, then look at the diaper cakes. Diaper cakes are not too expensive as other big gifts for a baby shower. Diaper cakes have become very popular over the last few years as a perfect baby shower gift. Making a girl diaper cake for a couple having a girl can be a fun thing to do .Most commonly girl diaper cakes are themed pink. Before you start to make a baby girl diaper cake, find out if the expectant mother prefers cloth, disposable or a combination of both cloth and disposable diapers. Now the idea of people creating and designing a girl diaper cake for a baby shower is gaining popularity.

For a baby girl diaper cake a supporting bottom is required. This can be card board cut out, a serving platter, a pizza pan or a cake bottom (made of heavy duty card board). To make this attractive, cover this with tissue paper or wrapping paper. This base helps to carry the diaper cake to a baby shower.

How to make a baby diaper cake?

Set a bottle of baby shampoo or other baby bath product at the center of a cake bottom. Put diapers around them after then wrap a large rubber band outside of the diapers so that they stick in a particular position around the bottle. Create a second loop of the diapers by arranging 12 diapers around the first circle and wrap a rubber band around these diapers. Create another loop by adding extra 18 diapers and wrap them with a rubber band.

Cover a half inch piece of ribbon around the diapers.

diper cake8 (1)

Create a second tier of diapers on the same way as the first but only two loops of diapers totaling 18 diapers (six in the first loop and 12 in the second loop). Wrap a ribbon around the tier. Create a third tier of diapers with six diapers. Wrap a ribbon around the tier. Add baby items and stuffed animals around.

The top of the girl diaper cake is the centre piece of whole diaper cake. There are various types of things you can put at the top such as a rattle, a teddy bear, a ship, a racing car, Barbie, a baby doll, flower etc. For icing on the cake you can use baby socks, baby powder, baby cream, baby shampoo, spoons, bottles, towels, blankets, wash cloths etc. For extra design, you can, make roses out of socks, bunnies or lollipops out of wash cloths etc.

Avoid using only new born size diapers because new born grow at a fast rate and also some babies are bigger than others. Cover the diaper cake with a transparent gift and present it to a expecting mother.

Diaper cake is the best way to show your innovative idea. Not only they are easy to make but also gives the mother verities of useful baby girl utilities and the verities of items used in the cake lasts for weeks and months.

Most probably it is tough to learn diaper cakes through articles and photos. You need someone to show you how to make them and explain each step in detail. It can take less than an hour to make a diaper cake. The first diaper cake will most probably take longer period but after making some diaper cakes you can make diaper cake easily. It is helpful to have a helper when making a long diaper cake. The diapers are not cooperative and stay standing. A set of extra hands is definitely will be a helping hand.


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